Are you a professional artist, performer, writer, designer, dancer or filmmaker interested in making a big difference in the life of a teenage girl?  If so, Grrl Action would love to tell you more about becoming a mentor in our year-round program.  For more information on becoming a mentor, please contact Grrl Action Program Directors Madge Darlington and Jodi Jinks at . 

Grrl Action mentor positions are only available to women.


MENTOR CLASS OF 2010/2011!

Carrie Kenny for Lucero, Mikaela, and Neka

Ashley Lindstrom for Annemarie

Adria McQuiag for Emelia

Rachelle Moore for Rebecca

Andrea Perry for Christina

Nicole Seligman for Niakoda

Emily Steinbauer for Charlee

Leilah Stewart for Val

Kaci Wheatley for Geneva

2009/2010 Mentors

Beverly Barrett for Becca

Leslie Bonnell for Geneva

Kat Candler for Bryanna
Erin Ivey for Chloe
Jenn Hartmann for Bryanna

Jodi Jinks for Vana
Halena Kays for Eliza

Hannah Kenah for Christina

Carrie Kenny for Ashilee and Trey

Rachel Koper for Charlee
Adria McQuaig for Emelia

Nadine Mozon for Alma

Julie Nathanielsz for Sienna

Katie Pearl for Eliza
Marsha Riti for Georgia


Site photo credit:  Beverly Barrett Photography